Born in Rio de Janeiro, Oscar started studying architecture when he was 21, and after he graduated, despite his financial difficulties, he started working for free in Lucio Costas  arquitecture firm. While he was there, he worked alongside Le Corbusier, where his ideas were praised by the french-swiss arquitect.

During the Brazil military dictatorship his office was invaded, and his projects turned down. He had to go into exile, and he chose Paris, due to his love of art.

After the end of the dictatorship (1980), Oscar returns to Brazil where he passed away in 2012.



«My work is not about Form follows function, but form follows beauty»

FORM FOLLOWS BEAUTY, Oscar made it very clear that this was his order of priorities. The first thought that popped into my head when reading this quote was how it openly contradicts Adolf Loos views on architecture, and the famous principle: «Form follows function» Even though he graduated in Arquitecture, Oscar was known to be an artist at heart, which would explain his point of view. When it comes to my own opinion on this quote, I have to say I would love this idealistic idea of arquitecture being purely art to be true. However, I understand that for arquitecture to have a purpose further than just for the love of art, utility is often prioritised. I guess I will have to discover my own priorities.




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Baezas text introduces us to the most basic understanding of what arquitecture is. During the  first half of the book he is without a doubt, targeting children, however as the book progresses he starts aiming to help older kids, and people who have already started Architecture, and therefore, I find myself hooked. His tips and experiences are written in such an informal manner, that I feel as if Im having a friendly talk with him, listening to his advice. This was a comforting text for a junior student to read, and I have yet to see if his advice prooves to be useful.